Imperfection: A follow up

As I reflect further on my imperfection ideology. It seems obvious that, the amorphous nature of the content is bound to be misinterpreted. It could be seen as an escape clause to be lazy and non-agile physically or otherwise. saying that they're being "real" or that they're being content with themselves and don't give a shit about... Continue Reading →


I wonder. When'd it become so important for a person to be successful? When did it become more important to live, than to chase perfection? Why do you really need a "Purpose in life"? isn't the purpose of life is to live and not opulence? There's this gold rush for perfection in my generation. It... Continue Reading →

Social Detox.

Today marks a year of me staying away from social media of any sorts. It's been great and I don't intend on going back. A lot of people are appalled and amused at me being Anti-social media. I'm pretty confident that that from their perspective, I look like a misanthrope-ish lonely sod. I don't blame... Continue Reading →

Psyche: Availability heuristic 1

It's impressive, how we are completely oblivious to most operations of our brain. We are made to learn about the functions of the physical aspect of the body. Close to everybody knows that there's a small intestine and a large intestine. Which has as much practical significance as the turd within them. But, ask about... Continue Reading →

Book Review : The Black Swan

Some books are hollow and superfluous that even a rough skimming feels like a waste of time (like 'How to win friends and influence people'). Some books are super complicated in their content that it bogs down the author's voice. It's the balance between those two, that makes up to a very appreciable and enjoyable... Continue Reading →


In 1985, British musicologist Clive Wearing woke to find that his hippocampus has been sieved out, owing to Herpes Encephalitis. From that day forward, he was in a state of perpetual immediacy. Unable to produce new memories, always present in the sublime present. The historical incarnation of Leonard in the movie Memento. Wearing's wife, recorded... Continue Reading →

Projects: LED cube. The Hardware.

Extremely long back. I saw this random video of an 8x8x8  which had these crazy animations that were mind boggling to me and I've always been wanting to create one of my own. Only problem being I'm just too much of a lazy douche to do anything. A little while back, I decided screw this... Continue Reading →

Entropy : Displays and disruption

There is something to be said about the exponentiality of technological advancements, that outdoes any that nature could come up with, by a factor of some millions. Everything we've done to go against the gravity of things around us always leads us to something extremely more chaotic than where we started. One such intriguing thing... Continue Reading →

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