I wonder.

When’d it become so important for a person to be successful? When did it become more important to live, than to chase perfection? Why do you really need a “Purpose in life”? isn’t the purpose of life is to live and not opulence?

There’s this gold rush for perfection in my generation. It has people, applying filters to their digital selfs  and begging for people’s approval, chasing after branded clothing and designer shoes, six packs and lithe waistlines, perfect haircuts and perfect lip gloss, The purposeful dream job and the perfect girlfriend.

I see people, trying to quench their insatiable thirst for perfection by chasing one mirage after the other, always in a constant struggle to look and feel perfect. Nobody seems to acknowledge that life in itself is filled with imperfections and has more bullshit than required. They hide their face in makeup feeling its ugly, Throws a party to show their opulence, maintains a milieu of friends just so they could get their constant approval, tries rocking a panache not realising its pointlessness.

I have a completely counterintuitive ideology to life.

I am ugly. I am stupid. My dresses don’t always match. and I am too lean. My handwriting is worse than a six years old’s. and in all probability I’ll turn out to be a loser.

That might sound very very self-loathing. But, it’s not. It’s just a way of accepting what you really are and stop chasing the perfectness illusion.

But, that’s not the point to life. I really don’t need anyone’s nod of approval that, I truly am a successful person. It’s just that, I don’t really care.

I am full of imperfections and I am okay with it.



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