In 1985, British musicologist Clive Wearing woke to find that his hippocampus has been sieved out, owing to Herpes Encephalitis. From that day forward, he was in a state of perpetual immediacy. Unable to produce new memories, always present in the sublime present. The historical incarnation of Leonard in the movie Memento. Wearing’s wife recorded her unrequited love and her husband’s struggles in a book named, Forever Today.

Forever Today.

Those words capture the truly innate character of any part of a system that is at the very bottom. It signifies the inability to show development that is humanely significant. In this case, my village. Development is a word that is the faint echo from a distant future. That, almost never even barely shines in the remote corners.

Personally, I’ve barely seen any change in my village or the people or their living conditions. It’s not that, they’ve achieved a certain degree of exactness, that there is no more room for improvement. It’s just that, people are stuck in this hell hole with these really huge walls, that makes them short-sighted to the actual world out there.

As I walk through my village, I recollect images of the same people doing the same thing almost a decade earlier. Close to nobody seems to care about changing their livelihood for the better or getting out of this void. They’re content with where they are. Thank their Gods (sometimes in brutal manners) for the things they’ve received, and carry on with their lives. Doing the same thing they’ve been doing for the past couple of decades.

This puts one in a truly emotional dilemma.

Especially one who believes, the ultimate goal of life is to be wealthy (unashamedly, me)

The content lives of these people is truly enviable. They seem to have accepted their respective positions in the social ladder and are more than happy to play their part over a million times in the course of their lives. Which is not a condemnable character, that a judgemental person might perceive.

These people already have the ultimate sense of accomplishment that we hope to acquire through our unquenchable thirst for money and achievements. The top part of the Maslow’s hierarchy? These people have got it all covered. Unlike us, who chase the never attainable, illusioned state of a perfect being. Hoping to one day work up the hierarchy for the ultimate calling. Funnily, these people seem to solve the Maslow’s pyramid from the very top. Not the kind of thing, Abraham Maslow had in mind while designing this.


These kinds of things truly put one at an existential crisis. What is the meaning of life? when all you plan on doing is chase money, the rest of your life. When, all the peace you hope to attain is present right in front of you? can peace still be attained, when you know you could’ve done something more, yet do nothing? will I ever get the peace that these people, talking aimlessly, with no great ambition, with no illusion to chase? Or is it the ignorance that seems to give them their blissful happiness? If so, then ignorance is something you’re supposed to embrace…..?

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