Why blog?

I’ve always thought of blogging as this thing that gets you to a vast number of audiences and all the cliche little concepts.

But, really it’s just a record of things.

And I intend to use this as such. I’ll (try to) write this blog consistently. And I don’t expect anyone to read it.

The most fundamental problem with, expecting that someone will read it and appreciate it. Is that, most appreciations aren’t really real and if we’re doing something for the appreciation and attention, then we tend to drift more towards the more appreciably awesome things and less towards the boring, not so appreciable things. More often than not, the not so appreciable, boring things are more important. Our dopamine system can override those and that can be unconstructive.

Expecting a pat on the back from someone for something we’ve done is something akin to the dog that wags its tail heavily trying to capture the attention of its master. Hoping that he’ll notice him. That’s not the kind of way that I want to do my things. I intend to get my things done not for the mere appreciations but for the sake of just doing it.

This blog will remain a repository of me and my thoughts. As long as I don’t feel too embarrassed about my younger self.

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